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Ski Pertouli 

Chionoseos Season: October to April. Elevation: 1,340 m Senior., Lower 1.170m. Tracks: Track slalom 1500. and track langklaouf. 

Infrastructure: one (1) chair lift (double chairs) length 1.130m., One (1) lift hoist length 400m. and one (1) teacher hoist length 80m. 

Church of the Holy Cross 

Rare architectural value, especially in terms of the complexity of the domes. The original construction of the temple dates back to 1770. 

Route: 35 minutes. 


Kalambaka-Meteora: 35.00; 

Cave Theopetra: 45.00; 

Ski Pertouli: 20.00; 

Lake Plastiras: 02.30; 

Metsovo Ski: 01.10; 

Trikala: 01.00; 

Karditsa: 01.15; 

Vassilitsa: 01.30;